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Lol I was reading the rules and I scrolled down and I was like "Heeeeyyy! That's my girl!" lol I love that wallpaper btw!

Anyway, I'd like to enter my Marineland Eclipse 3 tank. It's a 3 gallon tank, a slight bow front which makes it very interesting indeed. Currently it holds one occupant; Ditto the HMDT Chocolate Betta boy.

Plants are as follows:
Dwarf Hairgrass (Currently making a carpet out of it)
Red Rotala
A few growths of Microsword
1 stem of Bacopa Caroloiniana
2 Anubias Nana
1 floating Water Sprite
1 small Planted Water Sprite
1 Small Marimo Ball
A small cluster of Cryptocoryne Parva
1 Small Driftwood piece

This is a regular planted tank with Black Tahitian Moon Sand as substrate, a T5 6,500K fluorescent tube and SeaChem Flourish with 1 drop per gallon once a week along with half root tabs (4) throughout. It see's 10 hours of light each day.

Wilds: Wajok, Rutilans, Siamentorialis, Hendra
Leopards: Luna, Astrael, Dorian, Cullen, Gallifrey
Gargoyle: Cloudjumper
African Fat Tails: Nox and Lux
Bearded Dragon: Stormfly
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