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Here's my 20 gallon long community tank. It was a sorority once but unfortunately a wicked infection knocked out all of my girls. SO now it's home to some cories, tetra, and one pretty white see through looking girl named Mizuki. You can sort of see her in the upper left.

Here's a better shot of her. She was a Petsmart find.

Here's one of the albino cories in his never ending search for food.

20 gallon long - The cories and the tetras.
20 gallon tall - The Platies, Dwarf Gourami
10 gallon divided - Ryu and Slick the betta boys
10 gallon - Vriska Bell the female betta and Pupa Pan the tiger nerite
Ferret Room - Ollie, Riley, Ellie, Jet, Charlie, Cosmo, Casper, WIZARD!, and Champy
D.I.P. Izzie, Dee Dee, Ada, Draco, Penny, Toby, Jet, and Dexter
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