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Gourami Questions and Research

I am REALLY interested and looking into Gouramis AND have a 10 gallon. It has been cycled for about a month now and I won't expect to put fish in there for another week or so.

I am doing research and am in love with this forum. So: my question is:

My 10 gallon is okay. What kind of gouramis should I get? (I LOVE the colors of the turqouise dwarf gouramis) Should I get a pair or three? What other fish can I put in there (like actual fish names so I can googlepictures :P)

Also, what plants should I try to find for them? I am excited to start my first planted tank. My roomate has one and she can help. I wouldn't mind suggestions from y'all though!

LASTLY, this was the site from this forum that I looked at and got the confirmation. I also was told that it would be okay from a VERY respected fish store (that is not just trying to sell me stuff).
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