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Stress Stripes are actually camouflage for when they're in the wild, it's not indicative to sex.

It is a female because I can see the ovaries which is the only way you can sex babies since fins can be any length at this age.

Even though this is a big tank you'll need to do water changes at least twice a week because babies actually excrete a Growth Stunting hormone which will effect all fish, but mostly the baby and stunt the growth. So in order to stop the stunting you need to take it out with water changes might be easier to put her in a smaller tank like a 5 or a 10 gallon until she's grow up but that's up to you and what's more convenient for you.

Babies also need to eat every 3-4 hours but 3 times a day will suffice and either crushed flakes or crush pellets/chopped up pellets in half if she's big enough. And then of course heat around 82 will be best for her and her growth

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