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Originally Posted by bettaHI View Post
Welcome to the forums! Looks like a girl to me. She is a beauty! Take care of her well.

@lilnaugrim is there a reason to why you are suggesting he should feed that baby betta every 3-4 hours a day?im not saying you are wrong..just curious.
Hey there! So babies eat a lot and they need to eat often just like all babies in the animal kingdom. Human babies tend to feed around that often as well but basically it's helped them grow. Without food they become week and can get sick very easily so keeping up on the food ensures they will grow quicker, faster and stronger. Once they hit their "teenage" stage though which they'll be little over an inch long for JUST body, not tail included; then you can feed just twice a day or continue the three times, whatever is more convenient. But basically just feed as much as you can, well small but frequent meals and they will grow.

Originally Posted by Tony2632 View Post
@lilnaugrim So I look up stunting on baby bettas and for her to grow fast I need a small tank and heater with frequent water changes and water temperature around 84 degrees, but I wonder if a 3 gal tank wound work.
Yes a 3 gallon would work! Honestly even a 1 gallon would be fine but that would require daily 100% water changes but it's all up to you! A 3 gallon with daily 50%'s would be amazing but every other day around 90-100% water changes will be awesome for your baby. So it's whatever you can keep up with.

And although the big tank is amazing for her, it would be easier on everyone if you did the smaller tank since you have to feed her so often (at least 3 times a day) And your water doesn't have to be 84 but anywhere from 80-84 is definitely good for them, they'll do just fine in 76-80 as well but they won't grow as fast. The higher temperature actually boosts their metabolism which means more food more often but they will grow much faster.

And everyone has to remember (not just to you but for all) that these are baby animals, they aren't the regular Betta's that we know and love but babies. So that means they're going to need more care than a regular Betta. It's the same as a human baby to an adult baby, one needs much more care than the other

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