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Arg! (A rant)

I love my neighbor (Maria). She and I chat all the time and she's a very, very nice person. But her DOG! I want to drive him to another town and leave him there. I feel kinda bad because Maria fell completely in love with my dog Molly and she wanted a dog of her own. Molly is a Basset. Maria has a bad back so she needed something smaller. She got a chiuaua from a shelter instead. They said he was wonderful (of course they did) and potty trained (no, he's not) and so she brought him home.

I leave Molly out on the deck (weather permitting) with the back door open so she can come in and out at leisure and so Maria does the same. But Blackie (her dog) barks at EVERYTHING. He barks at people who live here and he sees every single day and strangers too.

We live in a townhouse community and a creek runs behind us that goes into the local park. People are kinda coming and going all day. And he's barking all day. And NO ONE comes to stop him. Ever. If Molly barks (which is only at untrustworthy strangers and I have yet to figure out her screening process), I go check it out immediately and if she seems intent to warn someone off then I make her come in. I mean with a Basset, you can't just leave them out there to yodel. People would kill me.

I try to perservere but when it's 6:30 in the morning and I'm just trying to get my sensitive Basset to pee and come in and he's out there just freaking yapping at us nonstop, I wanna stick him in a box and ship him to Florida!

Anyone else have any rants today? Hehe

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