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Diary of a Petstore Bystander

This is a chat thread for all of the ridiculous things you hear whilst shopping in the fish department.

I have so many stories to tell. I might start off with the Wal-Mart experience.
Customer: "Uh, sir? Could I please have some help getting my fish set up?"
Employee: "Why yes. Let's start with the tank" *looks at a 0.5 cube tank*
"Oh, this should do."
C: "How about some decorations?"
E: "Oh, we have some plastic plants. They should be okay."
C: "Food?"
E: "Feed them these pellets once a month and he should live a year or so."
C: "Anything else?"
E: "Use this pre-made betta water."
C: "Thank you!"

Probably the most ridiculous I have seen. I did see someone buying two male bettas and one of those divided 0.5 tanks, no food, some gravel, and no conditioner.

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