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A History of Violence

While betta fish may be beautiful, there is something you should know about them that will help you understand why they have certain needs.

You may have heard betta fish referred to as "Siamese Fighting Fish". That is because, for the last 700 years or more, betta fish have been selectively bred to cultivate their aggression. Betta fish were made to fight each other for sport in the lands they came from, and this fighting instinct is still very much alive in the showy, colorful, fancy-finned betta fish sold in stores today. Betta fish are extremely aggressive to their own kind and can be aggressive to any other tank mates as well.

For this reason, there are several guidelines that are considered crucial to your betta fish's well being:

  • Male betta fish should NEVER be housed together.
  • Male and female betta fish SHOULD NOT be housed together unless for breeding purposes, and only after careful research and preparation.
  • Female betta fish SHOULD NOT be housed together unless kept in groups of four or more in a Betta "Sorority".
You can find more information about betta fish compatibility in the Betta Fish Compatibility forum and its sticky.
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