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I purchased a Betta yesterday from PetCo with the assurance that it was a FEMALE because I was putting her into my community tank with 2 other female Bettas and 6 other community fish. My tank community was perfect all fish happy and no stress. When I was making the purchase I asked the "Aquatic Specialist" to confirm it was a female because "She" was so much more flamboyant then any other female I had seen. He confirmed she was a female. I went home gradually introduced her into the tank and went about my way. To my heart break "She" who is in fact a "He" killed all my other fish in the tank except for 3 of my non Bettas. I have spent so much time educating myself to be the best owner possible and I have done all the maintenance to assure my fish have the best inviorment possible. I loved them all and was so attached to them. I am do heart broken for them and for all my lost efforts because of the idiot at the store. UNBELIEVABLE.
Be very careful ! ! !
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