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Thanks so much Kiara1125,

Im more worried that ill do something wrong with packaging and cause them to pass away during their trip to their new home.
Luckily by the time their 1" it will be nice and warm around here. It already got up to the 90's on Monday, then back down to 50-60. Sigh if only the weather would make up its mind lol.

Ill make sure to keep updates on them so you can see how they grow up and what they look like the they get around 1". Exciting news though, they will be one week old tomorrow. I didn't think I would be able to keep the fry as well as I have so far. Fingers crossed.

Also I did loose another fry on Monday so im down to 13. I did have a little scare and thought there was a fungus infection in my fry tank since it looked like the dead fry had some white possibly fuzzy spots on it. But I didn't make any sense since non of my other fish have that so I wasn't sure how they got it. So I took every body out, dumped the water and refilled. And I haven't lost anybody since.

These pictures are from a few days ago. They look about the same as they did when I took these pics, but the few lighter ones have started to get some color especaly that little clear one in the first photo. I cant wait to see what they look like when their bigger.

Fry 1.jpg
Fry 2.jpg
Fry 3.jpg

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