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Giant Multicolor male x Giant Marble female


I've been breeding betta for years as a hobby but with no luck as i had very limited resources. Now that the resources are here, I am going to be more serious about breeding betta than just a hobbyist.

I have a few pairs spawning at the same time but here, I will be logging my Giants in particular.



Both are purchased from a local breeder and are from a marble spawn. so the babies should turn out interesting.

I've set them up as a half natural method and half normal method. I live in a tropical climate so a heater wont be seen much in this episode.

Natural because i will have a heavily planted tank which i will place outside.
Normal or Hand rearing as i will do some siphoning and feeding them BBS and Microworms.

The Pair has spawned and as notorious as giants are being difficult breeders. they live up to their name.. but alas they have spawned. I saw the male's bubble nest tucked under a water lettuce packed with eggs.

now we wait...

Thanks for visiting :)
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