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First Time Breeding (Tips & Advice?)

Hi Everyone,

I just wanted to start this thread and introduce myself since I am sure I will need some help over the next few weeks :)

I have owned fish for most of my life and have many years experience with all types of freshwater and saltwater fish. Being an active diver and having worked and volunteered at aquariums, I have just always loved aquatic life.

I decided to take my love of the hobby to the next level. I decided to give betta breeding a try since I have always loved these beautiful fish and, after much research, they seemed to be fairly easy to breed and raise given enough knowledge and work.

I got a pair of white halfmoon bettas shipped from a breeder online since I just love this coloration. I am still learning about the characteristics most desired in these fish, but I must say these fish are stunning and I can't wait to see the offspring!

I finally introduced the pair yesterday (the female in a partitioned portion of the tank). Woke up this morning to a huge bubble nest and the female looking ready to go. I thought it would take more time but decided they seemed ready so I released her into the tank. I was surprised at how little aggression there was. After an hour of failed attempts they finally got the hang of things and eggs began dropping. It is just incredible to watch nature in action and how they just instinctively know what to do! Think I got lucky with this pair

Anyway, it has been 3 hours now and it seems the male has finally decided its time for the female to go so I am about to remove her from the breeding tank. Dad is diligently watching the nest.

I am amazed at how easy it has gone so far but am trying to not get my hopes up too high yet. I have microworms ready to go so now I guess I just need some patience :)

Any advice or tips for a first time breeder is greatly appreciated! I know all the basics but always welcome additional help! One quick question, I noticed a little "poo" on the bottom of the tank (away from the bubble nest). Can I safely siphon this out with thin airline tubing or is it best to just leave it be? I am a stickler for a clean tank :)

Thanks in advance and looking forward to making some new friends on this forum!!!
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