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"Cold water" Guppies?

I have seen that my LPS is selling "cold water guppies"- they are less fancy and swim around with the goldfish.
These guppy look disturbingly like the strain of wild caught guppy from Brazil that I have kept for years.
So I went there and told them that I did not believe that something like a "cold water guppy" exists, because they are tropical fish- answer was, that these were special and a special breed.
I have to add that central heating and insulation in New Zealand are still rare, so a unheated room in NZ might be around 10-12 degrees Celcius (around 50F) during the day in winter (we have winter now).
So I was wondering- any of you ever came across this? Is there such a thing as a "cold water guppy"? Or is it just male cattle droppings (I used the less politically correct word towards the staff of my LPS ) ?

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