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Magnus Is a mustard gas delta (mis-sold as a double tail) rescue from Petco, bought with Alastor. Magnus is an interesting fello.. he seems to have a slight quirk where his pelvic fins are always to his left of the anal fin, he can move them, but they just seem to slant to that side most of the time. Magnus shared the quarantine tank with Alastor, with dividers used o keep them separate, and unseen.. but he spotted his white nemesis through the screen one day and decided to raid the other side of the tank! After shredding his fins getting to the opposite side of the divide, he proceeded to have a (short) intense battle with Alastor until I busted the two and removed him. Magnus was clearly loosing from the greater fin damage and was kept in a small 3g quarantine tank (serape and at the other end of the room) to heal. He was clearly pouty from the failed fight and seemed like a viking who would have rather died in battle then be rescued/retreated. Once Alastor moved to his final tank, Magnus got an upgrade to the 10g quarantine. He's been doing well and though I can't give him much to entertain him IN the tank (not a lot of betta fin and aquarium safe things around) I try to hang around him when I can and put things outside his tank and move those around to stimulate him so he's not too bored. The quarantine tank is next to my plant dumping tank so he can see the plans over there, he can also see my active 20g long community tank and the 55g that the community tank plants and fish will be moved into over the next week hopefully.
I'll post more photos of Magnus once he's all healed up.

Soon he will share his (permanent) tank with a nerite snail I rescued from Pestmart.. which apparently has very soft water which caused it shell damage (its healing slowly in my calcium rich water) I thought it would be fitting to have the 2 damaged fellos housed together.
The damaged nerites 'good side' (cant see the chip and cracks) really love how this photo turned out!

Tank details:
Tank: 2-3g glass bubble bowl
Start-up Date: Mid April, converted to betta tank mid September
Filter: Jardin mini cylinder sponge filter w/ tetra whisper 10 air pump
Heater: Cobolt Mini 10 watt w/ Azoo micro temp controller
Substrate: MGOPM capped w/ Black Diamond 'sand'
Plant Supplements: Seachem Excel

Plant list:
(at start of this thread)
Dwarf baby tears aka HC
Pygmy chain sword
Micro sword narrow leaf
Blyxa japonica
Salvia minima

Water Parameters:
pH: 7.5
GH & KH: 70s & 160s ppm (hard water)
Temp: 78F
Ammonia/Nitrite: 0 ppm

Tank Placement:Circular bookshelf below a windowsill by the front door in living room with a view to the kitchen table
Other Things:
1 Indian Almond Leaf, 1 Thermometer, DIY Lexan lid

Hoping blyxa grows back in quickly to hide equipment again like it did before the rescape.

[Started updating my Journal again, view here]
Due to photobuckets bs cost for use of images on forums I have deleted all photobucket accounts. I apologize if you enjoyed or found my old photos helpful.

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