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Talking AB boy coming..questions! :D

Eeee! Im so excited, Im getting my first AB boy! :D Hes something of a late Valentine's day gift. I have some questions, though!

Btw- here he is!

1.What is his tail type? Hes listed under deltas/super deltas, but I dont know which he is- Ive never really looked into them before :3 (But couldnt resist his cute face :B)

2. Does anyone like the name Basch? (Bah-sch), like Basch fon Ronsenberg from FFXII? XD Im thinking about it, its my favvy game :3

3. More serious questions... Hes coming from Louisianna to me in Oswego, NY with a 72hr heat pack, but the seller never said what the shipping *is*, only its price. He has a live arrival quarentee, but still. Is he gonna be okies? D:

4. When I get him, what should I do first, aside from getting him out of the box? I was thinking that I should (assuming he's in a bag), put him in my qt tank (1.5gal) with the water from his bag and keep him in a darker place to relax and keep him warm. Yes? Sadly I might have to run to class not long after I get him but wanna make sure he'll be okay in my absence.

After that, how long should I acclimate him for? Maybe take the old water and add some new water in over time, like every few hours, until Ive done a biggish change?

5. I DONT have a heater atm to put in the QT tank, the girl I gave mAcceroni to refuses to get one of her own and has essentially stolen the partially working one I had :/ I cant take it, because then maccies will not have one >:/ Alle's heater in the 5 gal can go in there, so I was thinking maybe while Alle's tank is at 82 (when I usually shut it off and allow it to gradually cool down to 80 or so over a few hours), that I could put it in the new fish's tank to keep him warm and bop around. If I do this, how do I go about cleaning it off while putting it back into Alle's tank? I have no bleach and no hot hot water ok?

6. How long should I QT him? I really cant do it long sans the heater (Im so mad at her, Im about to scream at herrrrrr), but probably can comfortably for both of us for a little while. While I do QT the new boy, should I add some AQ salt? He will be given regular, frequent water changes, too.

7. He will be living in a divided 5gal, cycled tank with Alle, so should I add a bit of that tank water in? Just to get him used to it?


8. When he gets here, should I feed him after he's in his tank? I have pellets, freeze dried bloodworms and betta flakes, if I should, which should I do? Im temped to give the worm as a WELCOME HOME I LUH YOU!!! Treat XD <3

General tank stats...

5 gallon will be divided, cycled, usually around 80-82', his brother Alle and a snail (probably will live with Alle), heavily planted with floating plants as well as fake, possibly with a terracotta pot if he likes it.

The QT is 1.5 gallons, unfiltered, will be bare bottom (for waterchanges), many hidey spots, some fake plants, like floating and fake floating. Temp TBA :c

Sorry it was so long but thannnkkk yyyouuuuu!!! .>.<. Im so excited for my boy! (And I think his name WILL be Basch, lol!!!)
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