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Originally Posted by neocharles View Post
When changing / rotating out your water (for both Betta and other fish) what process do you take? Setting the water out the day before?? (will this alleviate all these darn bubbles on the tank???)

Water Conditioner / additives... what do you recommend?

{on a side note, I unplugged it, and will check the temp in the AM} I do have an adjustable one that I got in a tank kit today, but I want to get some other tropical fish for the 10 gallon... so I can always see how well the constant heater works in that tank if necessary.
I fill a bucket with tap water in the amount I am planning on changing. I condition with Prime (a conditioner that removes chloramines is a must; most people recommed Prime because it is highly concentrated and all you need is two drops per gallon). Then I stick my small Marineland heater in the water and plug it in, and let it sit till the next day. I let my water sit out so I know it will have time to heat and become close enough to the old temperature. I don't really have a lot of bubbles unless I've just set up a new tank. Those bubbles are normal and go away after a few days.
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