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Originally Posted by kjg1029 View Post
I wouldnt consider stocking goldfish in anything less then a 20gal, and thats only speaking for the fancy variety, not the single tail, comet or feeder goldfish they would need atleast 40gals (im really not exaggerating) the common type get a foot long and the fancy variety easily get softball size (not including fins) that is if they live long enough to even grow (most of the time they die from poor water quality because they create soooo much waste)

I would stock like 3 guppies at first, then add 2 more in a few weeks, but really 5 gals isnt large at all.

you could probably get away with adding 3-5minnows then adding another 3-5 in a few weeks (once the cycle has stabilized but of course youd need to qt the others for 2 weeks before adding them)

If I was you I would set up a natural planted tank, that way it will have a better chance of having more stable water parameters

you can use very easy hearty plants such as anubias, rotala, java ferns, java moss, pennywart, water sprite and water wisteria.

all youd need for the lighting is a desk lamp from walmart (about 10$) and a package of 13Watt 6500k (package lists bulb spectrum on the back) compact florescent bulbs, im pretty sure a 3 pack is like 6$, and if youre only using 1 bulb then you *theoretically* wouldnt have to buy a new pack for 1.5years ( I usually swap then out every 3-6months, usualy closer to 6 if I use it for about 8hrs a day)

trust me, I have the complete opposite of a green thumb, I killed a freaking aloe plant, just to list one of the many many plants that I have murdered.

all of the plants I have listed accept for the pennywart (for some reason it just doesnt like me, but its incredibly easy!) I have managed to not only keep alive, but they somehow thrived!
as you can immagine I was incredibly hesitant to try live plants. the first live plant I ever bought was a bunch of water wisteria, just tossed it into my goldfish tank and it grew quite well just floating around, then i got more and more, and now i cant stand the sight of those ugly fake ones!

so to sum things up, aquatic plants are awsome!!!!! they provide shelter, more stable water params, a butiful tank, and even food more some creatures!


(please feel free to share what you decide to do!:)
As I said depends on what my store has. I'm going this weekend and I have all decorations and gravel already besides something for them to hide in. I'm to scared to try a planted tank right now. Maybe after we move I will try. Won't be till next spring though.

I'm really, really, really hoping for 3 male guppies for the tank but they only had feeder guppies when I was there in February for my betta. If you look in my pictures at Blaze's tank I have another one of those. So its got pretty good lighting. However I'm kinda freaked out about it. The first two days I had it the lights kept turning off like a hour after turning them on. But today they've stayed on all day. Maybe its because their new that they needed to get used to staying on? Anyways.

After I move I might start with a moss ball and one of those Anubis or whatever plants I heard both are fairly easy to care for. I don't know if I have a green thumb or not. The last time I had a outside garden was about four or five years ago when I was a kid. I had a small strawberry patch of my own and helped my mom with her full grown garden. I tried having a tomatoe plant inside a pot inside the house. It kept growing and growing but no tomatoes so I just let it die off. Right now I have black and a few grey rocks like the ones that are in Blaze's tank in the picture I was thinking of filling in whatever cracks that are left with Blazes old pink, green and blue gravel. I have a small fake green plant and lots of tall plants that are ranging in colors. But thats it. So I would like to know if I need a hiding spot.

As for the fish. I was thinking 3 guppies or 2 goldfish. And I was originally gonna try (keyword TRY) to see if Blaze would hate me for putting 2 white cloud minnows in with him. But they can always go into the other tank or I have 2 small one gallons from blazes old tanks. Just have to watch my cat with the one gallons. So I got the room to separate them. Of course I'm gonna keep them away from Blaze for a week or two so just so I know they won't give him something. I have to look out for my handsome buddy.

So from highest to least order 3 guppies, 2 mountain minnows (just for the test), 2 goldfish or least is another betta. If they don't have two goldfish that I can tell the difference and they don't have any of the others I could just get another betta. Still atleast hoping they will have the minnows. Sorry long post XD
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