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Exclamation Learn How To Critique Your Betta's Form and Finnage Here

Hello all!
I'm really interested in learning how to critique bettas. So I thought maybe I would make a thread where people can post pictures of bettas (even if they're just random ones off Google) and other people can critique them. This would give the opportunity for betta showing newbies (like me) to get used to identifying positive and negative traits in betta spendens.

I debated posting this on the "Betta Chat" forum but I thought it was more appropriate here. If a someone disagrees feel free to request a mod to move the thread.

Let's get started, shall we? Since Gabriel won't flare for me I'll begin with someone's flaring fish from online:
Okay, so...right off the top of my head I's say his anal is too long. Perhaps he's a little bit spoonheaded? His ventrals seem a bit spindly, and his dorsal both doesn't reach the 180 mark and doesn't transition smoothly into the caudal.

Have fun everyone!


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