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I look at fish #1, the blue fish, and I see the following flaws for HM:

Long Anal
Backswept dorsal with stairstep rays (Ideal is as straight or tilted forward, if possible)
Uneven Caudal & less than 180 degrees.

Pet quality.

Fish #2, Traditional Plakat form

Pose with ruler or state size for evaluation of the giant. There are specific body mass and length requirements. "King" is just a trade name for giant geno, sometimes they do reach full giant size.

Dorsal's not bad. I would like to see it either a little more rounded, or a little more pointed. It seems more tall than round.

I like the caudal. 4-ray, which is the maximum allowable for traditional plakat. Excellent shape and spread.

Anal needs work. You want a really strict trapezoid shape, narrower at the front and broader at the back, with a SHARP point that extends at the bottom end of the anal. That point should come roughly even to the ventrals.

Vents look good, I don't see any splitting and the length looks right.

This fish is quite stout, and I like his top line. While the anal rules out showing to me, I'd pair him with a female with a bit of a longer body, and a better anal. Try to fix those flaws to show in the next generation.

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