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Originally Posted by hrutan View Post
I can't, because I am not good enough at evaluating females. But, basically, a good PK female will have a super straight anal with an accentuated point at the end. Something like that will fix his flaws. A female traditional PK should look very similar to a male, but she will have shorter ventrals, and a shorter anal. They can be a challenge to pick out from VT and HM girls, but you can start spotting them with practice.

2.5 inches, not including caudal is minimum "giant" body length for a male. Congratulations, if he is 2.5 inches BO (body only) you have a giant. 2.25 inches is the minimum "giant" body length for a female.
OK, Sure I can start practicing spotting them. Probably online, I'm not sure about our pet stores. Will the Anal be a giveaway that she's a PK?

I will definitely give him another measure! That's SO exciting!!
Would I have to breed him with a Giant female? Would breeders include the measurements?

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