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#1 RNHime, what you are describing is called diamond eye. Which Whired's fish actually does have. Your fish is going blind, if he hasn't already. I would suggest using banana leaves as the treatment. Banana leaves make the scales less thick, but also causes them to loose their metallic color.

#2 But anyways, the only "rare" betta that there is, is the albino. They live extremely short lives, and only one has ever been successfully bred; but he died shortly afterwards so his offspring could not be bred back to him. There have only been several documentations of albino bettas.

#3 But there are uncommon types of bettas, but the only one that comes to mind is the grizzle.

#4 So sorry, but no, your betta is not rare.

#5 You must ask permission from a moderator before starting a competition.

(Sorry if I come off as being a little cold)

Your betta does not need a "girlfriend"!

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