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Biology 101. Now I wish I had paid more attention in high school that the attention I paid to the cute boy sitting in front of me haha. Actually I have always loved biology and genetics is very intriguing how traits are reproduced. For instance, red is a very dominant trait in betta fish. I have seen this time and time again as sometimes red washing come out in fins. There is another gene which is called a red loss gene. It causes fish that are red as juveniles to loose that color as they mature. Cambodian fish (pale body with usually red fins) have that factor present in their genetic makeup.

When time permits it is always fun to read and learn about my favorite thing: bettas! Unfortunately for this week I was preparing for a trip so I made a quick stop at Walmart to pick up some needed essentials. The fish aisle is always a must when I stop in the store. I love to see if any new fish are in and to observe different colorations and fin types. This day there were only a few bettas on the shelf. Aisle 13 in case you wondered Obviously this crew had been sitting awhile. The male bettas were clamped and so sad and listless. What few crowntails were there were in very dirty water and looked like had some amonia poisoning. I looked back and forth at each one trying to encourage them or get some response or flare. Most just ignored me, but then I saw that one. You know that one with eyes that just pierce to the depth of your soul. Eyes that show you courage and strength. Eyes that tell you they are still in the fight and a plea for mercy and a home. We have all been there. This little guy was obviously a juvenille. He was a Cambodia color pattern with lovely deep red rays. His eyes would follow me and he even flared at my finger a bit though I could tell his health was quickly declining. I am not going to do it I told myself. It wouldn't be fair since I am leaving in a few days. Well all the reasons I could think of went out the window and the next thing i know I am walking to the parking lot with Benjamin! Here is some pictures of his incredible changes. As he matured he has actually developed white tips on his fins. I guess that is that red loss gene coming into play. His fins have grown into a magnificent spread. Love his pouty faces too.
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