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Oh I love Earl Grey tea too! Funny I almost named Sterling that. Sound like a grumpy old fish name haha. As for tanks it depends. Bryant's tank was one from my dad. It had to be cleaned and new filter but had the hood. I did upgrade light to a compact fluorescent. I have found tanks at thrift stores and buy new as well. I got Goliath 10 gallon on the dollar per gallon sale. Have a number of 1.5 gallon too. Funny now have a friend that brings me tanks when finds them. Of course that is dangerous having empty sitting around! !! ;) Have recently plunged into NPT. Bryant was second one so did better with him. I used organic potting soil with play sand topper. Mainly it was what had on hand and free! Cabomba is a favorite and one I generally dont kill lol. The left dide has a red or purple version. Green on right. Light green probably favorite because looks like little pine trees. The other is darker green but gives a sliggt purple hue on top plants. There is also some small anarchias and rotala in tosshere. I have tried a different type of moss and anubias. They have done ok.

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