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Thanks Polkadot. I typically take pictures with my phone which sometimes if I can get it to focus correctly and fish cooperate I can get a pretty good picture. I have a Cannon camera that my son no longer uses that I have been meaning to try out and see if I can get something really detailed. I really like photographing fish because it is such a challenge. If I only had a dollar for ever tail end I get haha!

BettaSplendid I totally felt the same way about planted tanks when i started to research them. There are some great knowledgeable members on the site that I have learned a lot from. Still so much more to know, but gradually as I am trying it confidence builds so I try a little more. Maybe one day I will get it down pat. Each tank is a little easier. In fact, sorry for delay on Chance's story. I made a run to the Aquarium store for more plants last night to rescape some of my smaller tanks that had silk plants. As always, I get into a bigger project than realize, BUT I redid 6 tanks!! It is so much fun to see how thrilled the fish are with live plants. I guess that natural instinct comes out but they are hillarious doing flips through the leaves and posing on plants. Titus had a piece of cabomba floating on surface. He got right under it and stuck his head right up in it. It looked like he had on some crazy wig! I laughed so hard.

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