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It was just a typical weekend the 1st of July and off to Walmart again to get some things for our cookout. My parents were coming over that weekend so we enjoy doing the famous fourth tradition of grilling burgers and hot dogs. Oh and you have to have a watermellon! Once again I made my regular rounds to the fish aisle. I had seen a new shipment come in earlier in the week and there were some beautiful multicolored veil tails and a nice selection of crown tails. I looked through each fish again. I always have to make sure they are not stacked (major pet peeve!) and put them back into categories so they can be better seen and hopefully find a new home. I noticed a shelf above the tanks were all messed up and pushed everywhere. Out of the corner of my eye pushed to the back I caught the site of a betta cup behind this mess of tanks. Oh surely someone has not stuck this poor fish back there? Shock was the next emotion as I pulled this little fish to the front to see. His fins looked like he had been in a blender and was so weak he barely could make it to the surface of the nasty water for air. When he floated back down he just laid to the side. He had ammonia poisoning and I just wasn't sure what else. Then I got mad! I was not going to let Walmart be so neglectful that they would allow this to happen to this poor fish and then push him back on the shelf behind tanks to die. No way was I going to let that happen. I called the department manager and confronted him. To my further shock I found out this poor little fish had been a RETURN! Seriously????? He had been in that new shipment. Someone had bought him, fought him with another fish and THEN to beat all had the gall to return him to the store. Unbelievable and what made me even more mad was that the store took him back! Now at this point I have to give the department manager credit. He turned out to be a really nice guy and actually had done some research on bettas and how to care for them. He said he felt so bad for this fish but didn't know what to do. He had tried to help him and put some melafix in his cup. I told him the fish was so weak it was doubtful he would even make it through the night unless something was done. I did not need another fish. After all I had 10 happy fishes at home and no extra tank, however I told him I did do betta rescue and thought I could help the fish. I asked him if he would give the fish to me at a deep discount and he said yes. He was so glad someone was going to try to help. I had to talk to the store manager as well but I got the fish for .99 cents. That was my gracious offer to the manager. I also bought another tank and gravel to go home with. This special fish was a fighter. He had survived to this point. He deserved a CHANCE.
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Every fish deserves a Chance
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