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Pond Snails!!!

A worker at the petstore gave me 5 pond snails recently for free..and I figured why not, I'll toss them in the tanks..
So one betta has 2 snails and the other has 3..
The one with only 2 snails is egg-free and his snails are quite cute!
The other one, however.. I noticed last night at least 5 egg clusters...
and today I removed at least 15..
Some crazy snail is going on a breeding spree!

If I remove the eggs when I notice them and stick them in a vase..
Should the tank remain baby-free? I'll be checking daily, so I don't see how they'd manage to hide eggs from me. They were all on the sides of the tank.
I'll probably see if my bettas will eat the pond snail babies.. I don't need to be overrun by them and I'd rather they be eaten and provide nutrition as opposed to being flushed or something..
But I'll be "raising" the babies in a water filled vase instead of in my tank.
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