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Spooky Snail

Ok yeah... Drax is fine.

Anyway... Since the Horror of the Mollies and Platy's I've gone back and filled the tank with several Ghost Shrimp and a Snail...

Drax......... after a few days hasn't killed anything HOORAY...


My new Snail...
My last Snail, named Desi....
This Current Snail I've named Dizzy...
The issue? Shell status...

At Petsmart I asked the girl to get me the healthiest snail she could find.
She found a BIG one under an ornament in the tank and netted them...

So Dizzy is like twice the size Desi was. a GIANT yellow colored snail. But unlike Desi... Dizzy actually WORKS... today I found her sitting on my Anubias plant... and noticed ALL the leaves had those trail marks (All the leaves had been covered in brown Algae) on them.... and are now MUCH cleaner. She's been a real worker! She's been all over the tank in the past few days just cleaning away like a champ at that brown algae as if it was going out of style!

The spooky part? I've gotten REAL attached to her... since she's huge, bright, colorful, active.... but the spooky part...

She's see through... *bum Bum BUMMMMMMM!*

She's a very light yellow with alittle green around the spiral of the shell... but I was watching (While drunk) her going over the Anubias and noticed I was seeing a WUMP......... WUMP........ WUMP......... just under the shell.... I rubbed my eyes and realized I wasn't seeing things... I was clearly seeing either her HEart pumping or her lungs (No idea) gills moving. ...

My question... is this sometimes normal? Or is maybe her shell frail and I should add some Calcium? The water is already hard but I want to give her the best chance! She's already done SOO much cleaning of my Brown Algae cursed tank! If this is normal... then she's fine... if this can mean a frail shell... then what should I do... that wouldn't harm the Shrimp OR Drax. Sounds dumb to be so concerned for a SNAIL of all things but I dunno... for a Snail she's adorable (to me) and seems to have a hunger for brown Algae (and not plants). The perfect snail! So yeah... if normal than woohoo! If possible weak shell from Petsmart... Oh no!
.... Size? She's slightly over an inch ... a BIG one. which I know means OLD for snails but VERY active, even more so than Desi ever was.

She's very Active, but thankfully Drax just ignores her. Despite her bright colors.

The tank is at 75 Degrees.

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