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Originally Posted by RussellTheShihTzu View Post
I figured it out!!! I use pipettes instead of tongs. I used to use tongs but feeding other frozen foods is easier with pipettes. Wish I knew how to make a head-slap!

Pipettes allow you to drop one piece of food at a time. Last night I dropped Krill in Esmeralda's mouth and while she chewed I did the same for Clayton. Also, because your hands are right there, the Betta doesn't get close.

To feed the Betta (which I do first) I barely hold the end of the pipette under water and the Betta pull the food from it or if it's something not long enough for them to pull I squirt the food on the opposite side of the tank. Then I feed the ADF and other critters while the Betta is eating or chasing the dropped food. Hope this makes sense.

10pcs 5ml Disposable Plastic Graduated Dropper Transfer Pipettes US Seller | eBay

They're also great for dosing ferts, Prime, etc., if you get the 5 ml size.
Neat!! I used your link and bought some. Will try it. Thanks for the detailed description. I tried a syringe, but it wasn't like one worm at a time, might try that. Last night, I tried putting worms and bites in a clear jar last night while the betta was in a tupperware in the tank (balanced on the lid rim) and put a frog in there- but he didn't notice the food. It would be great if I could just stick food in a jar, stick the frogs in the jar, come back 15 minutes later and they'd be fed...but doesn't look promising.

Looking forward to trying the pipettes...
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