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The problem with Clio is she's incredibly weak-nerved (a lot of her barking stems from her reacting to noises etc.) and it seems like unless she knows and understands that the correction is coming from a human, she has the tendency to freak out. My concern is that she would go out into the yard, start barking, get a shock or spray in the face, not understand why it has happened, and then not want to go out into the yard because of it.

She is extremely intelligent and a super quick learner. However, I always say she suffers from canine ADHD. She is hyperactive and has a very short attention span. You basically have to force her to be calm by either crating her, or putting her on a leash and making her sit or lay next to you. All physical exercise does with her is makes her fitter and more difficult to tire out, so it's all about mental stimulation with her. She has got better, but just now I've had to crack out the puzzle toy because she was wandering around downstairs barking for no reason whatsoever.

I feel like I'm living the 'So you think you want to own a high drive puppy' videos. Except Clio doesn't even have the benefit of having high food or toy drive that I could take advantage of with training. Coupled with her reactivity and what seems like a need to engage in constant battles of the wills, she can be a hard dog to live with, even though I love her as much as she exasperates me.

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