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I am fuming. So, I have been waiting until I have money so that I could purchase this female koi betta on aquabid. I have had my eye on her for such a long time! I was planning to sell some shoes and my moms friends wants me to babysit plus I have a birthday coming up and I always get money. I was waiting so I could get this girl. My mom starts talking to my dad and she tells me to show him the betta that I had wanted. I went to find her and someone placed a freaking bid on her. I showed her to my parents and my dad, like always rolled his eyes. I was asking my mom if she could please get her for me and then my parents were like no, no more fish. And then I said I was getting baby sitting jobs,selling my stuff and getting my birthday money and that I would pay for this fish. I only want female bettas for my sorority. Since lux turned out to be a male, that leaves 3 females. You can't have a sorority of 3 female bettas. That's why I want more girls. And my dad goes "No, no more fish no more tanks." And I said "It will be my money, I'll do what I want with it." Then he says he would just flush the fish down the toilet or feed them to the cats. Seriously? I am the one who cleans the tanks. I am the one who feeds them. I am the one who makes sure they're happy and healthy. I take care of them and nobody else. So why do you care? Seriously. He doesn't even come into my room. Also, everyone makes fun of me for loving my fish. My moms friends think I am extremely weird and my dad thinks I'm annoying. LET ME FREAKING BE. I am not hurting you. I'm not killing you. So what's it freaking matter!? I have no friends because my mom wont LET ME. I have literally been kept in solitary confinement for 2 years! I understand the first 1 1/2 but 2 years!?!? What am I supposed to be interested in? I have no social life. This website is the only social interaction that I have. And it really sucks. Thank god I will turn 18 soon because things are going to change reeeeeeal quick. I am so unbelievably tired of people making me feel like crap because I like fish. I get it. You can't pet them. They can't lick you or jump all over you when you walk up to them. But so what? I love them. And maybe if I wasn't kept locked up in my house 24/7 I would have other interests. Seriously. It's the worse feeling when people make you feel like crap for something you love. I'm so angry! I just don't understand. They just don't understand that you cannot put 3 females together! I'm not making it up as an excuse to get more bettas LOOK IT UP. Geez I am just so mad.

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