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So a non-fish rant I just thought I would put out into the universe.

Picked up an extra shift at work. My hours generally vary by day but will always be between 10-12 hour shifts. So I get an entire day of overtime (yippee!) which is always appreciated. However, I was only supposed to be working this schedule until our other kennel tech was back from maternity leave (which would be up this next week). She had a c-section though so she gets (and rightfully so) 8 weeks disability leave.

The spring semester started in January, the same week my extra shifts began. Only taking 4 classes (online, no time for in person) but they are requirements for the veterinary technology program I'm trying to get in to. I feel like I'm getting burnt out, and I really need to ace these classes. Just looked at our March schedule earlier this week, and I'm scheduled to work overtime through the entire month, even though they never asked if I'd still be willing to do so.

Just trying to decide if the overtime pay is worth all the stress/loss of sleep. I even dream I'm still at work every night. I also don't look forward to all the flack I'm going to get from our head tech (she is in charge of shift schedules) if I tell her I can't keep working all these extra shifts. I know lots of people work multiple jobs while attending school, so I feel like I shouldn't complain, but it's really getting difficult. I wake up in a panic in the middle of the night worried about a certain dog or did I forget this or did I check off this dosage, etc. I just need to make a decision soon.

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