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How do I even start!? I broke things off with Dustin because a friend we shared told me so many different things(from him sleeping with another girl) to other things. I didn't even confront Dustin about any of these accusations because I was just so torn apart about him sleeping with another girl.

Well guess what I found out a few days ago... The friend was LYING about EVERYTHING! Oh my gosh I was just so pissed at him! . When things I thought were true didn't add up it really hurt me, from when Dustin said he really liked me to when he actually said he loved me. That's what confused me the most with being told the 'truth'. But I also thought that it was because he was just telling me things to get closer to me.

Everything was proven wrong on Friday last week when I hung out with him at the park. It was warm so we goofed off and climbed a tree, I was distant from him that day and I apologized to him about it and he said it was fine, but he was still so close to me, kissing my cheek and hugging me tightly. That's what hurt me the most is that he wanted to keep the antics up until I sent him screenshots of the conversations between me and his friend and he told me everything. Monday came and it was like chilly but still warm, we went to the park again(our natural hang out spot apparently) I sat on a table and he held my hands hugged me and kissed me and we just talked about everything. Everything his friend told me was a lie and it just fueled my rage even more at his friend than ever before.
His friend only lied to me because he(the friend) wanted to hook up with me which HA would never happen because he smokes, I mean Dustin does too but the scent never carries on him.
This was a rant with a happy ending basically, I'm starting to open myself up again to Dustin and we're slowly fixing what was broken between us.

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