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Originally Posted by Bettaloveee View Post
Awww! How awesome! They do look super tiny in the 50 gal! Glad they're in a big tank. :) I was at walmart today and this girl got a goldfish and a 1 gallon bowl. I was to shocked to say anything!

The girls are beautiful! Not to mention adorable. :)
I always say fish first, me (and my space) second. Ha! I can't wait for them to grow big.
Oh no that's always tough to see. Once a guy at petsmart was asking the aquatics sales-person why his 10 gallon tank full of 9 goldfish was so dirty. She really gave him some hard words/advice, I ended up thanking her for it once he left! No one thinks about how their common goldfish will get around 12inches long.

Thank you so much for the kind words, Bettaloveee!

I love my fish family!
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