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random spam of Ceil

flora: Sagittaria, leopard val, jungle val, water sprite
fauna: 9-13 (immpsoible to count) chilly rasoras, #? cherry/sakura/fire red shrimp, #? mts
filter: eheim 2211 canister
heater: 75 watt eheim jagar diy inline ehater
light: finnex 24/7 36"
substrate: wblack diamond 'sand'
ferts: weekly flourish, iron, potassium, osmocote+ root tabs

Not best photos but took quick shots of the 12g long
husband's view:

side view:

My view:

Have some bba on filter intake screen and nearby val.. also gsa on ohko (dragon) stones and diatoms growing on front glass.. about time to add nerite for the last 2 (bba I get to deal with myself... yay *sarcasm*).

[Started updating my Journal again, view here]
Due to photobuckets bs cost for use of images on forums I have deleted all photobucket accounts. I apologize if you enjoyed or found my old photos helpful.
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