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Not a full update because I'm really sick (possibly food poisoning?? I don't really know. Started getting sick on Saturday, slept 15 hours straight and literally only woke up because my dog was barking. Still feel horrible and didn't get out of bed today) so yesterday I came home and checked on Winnie and her hubby and found more tadpoles! I'm up to 74 now!! I also found out they are a lot more hardy than I thought. I feel very tired and weak and honestly couldn't bear to get out of bed to do anything so they didn't even get fed until 4pm (their last feeding before that was like 9pm the night before) and I didn't even really look at them. I usually do do several small water changes a day to ensure clean water and today I didn't do ANY water changes or even really look at them until 10pm. I was honestly expecting some deaths but there were none. There is one that doesn't seem to be doing well but he hasn't been doing well for a few days. I'm not sure when I can give a full update because I'm REALLY behind at work and today I found out my deadline has been moved up 2 weeks to this Friday, super unexpected. I also haven't done a water change on either of my fish tanks and I feel like death so this week will be interesting.

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