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Things have taken a drastic turn. I was very sick, got behind at work and my deadline was moved up again. From Friday to today (Wednesday). A few days ago ago 2 tads died so I had 72. I was still doing all the proper maintenance but feeding twice a day instead of 3-4 times a day and the 2 feedings sometimes wouldn't be until later in the day instead of evenly spaced through the day. On Tuesday while doing maintence it seemed like I had less tads but it's a pain to count them and none were dead do I didn't think anything of it. I also noticed my biggest one was pooping like black stringy bits, super weird cause it should be orange (the color of the food) today I noticed a ton of tads were missing. So I counted. I have 25. My 3-4 biggest boys went cannabalistic and ate the others. I removed those 4 to a floating breeder tank in my big tank. So in my critter keeper I have 21 and probably half of them aren't doing well. I'm guessing from being picked at the past 2 days. I'm feeling a lot better so I can go back to feeding them often again. I feel so terrible about this though. But looking back, perhaps it wasn't the smartest to put tads of all different ages together. I had no idea they would actually eat each other though. I hadn't seen that mentioned anywhere online before. I suppose it makes sense though, I mean if it fits in the mouth.

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