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Picture Barry, Male Koi Plakat Betta
surferdwb 1 09-18-2019 05:34 PM
Picture Tigger
Tigger was listed as a very fancy hmpk. Heís a very sweet fish. He loves being talked to and is always excited to see me. Heís very delicate and likes to be fed from tweezers one piece at a time. Lol. Heís a cutie.
Missytoe 4 09-12-2019 06:56 PM
Picture Hannibal
Hannibal is a koi hmpk. He got his name because originally he was put in a shrimp tank and letís just say, that didnít go well. Lol. He is an independent fish, feisty and very active. He lives in a planted tanks with 2 nerite snails.
Missytoe 3 09-12-2019 06:51 PM
Picture Fishy Friends
Pictures of my tanks and fish
Lizardbabies 5 08-14-2019 08:46 AM
Picture The Three Kings
All my betta and their tanks
Old Dog 59 13 07-25-2019 06:14 AM
Picture Finn
Leolani09 3 07-08-2019 02:14 AM
Picture Mr D
Nativson 1 06-09-2019 01:47 PM
Picture Journal Stash
Photos for my Journal thread, "Outback Aquarium Adventures".
EmberShadows 7 06-05-2019 06:52 AM
Picture Caspian, baby veiltail
blubird101 8 05-29-2019 10:57 AM
Picture My Harem of female Bettas.
It's quite a mix really of all my females I have gathered up in the past year.
dhannahlee 3 05-07-2019 06:26 AM
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