Planted betta community tank
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Aquarium Name Planted betta community tank
Year 2019
Tank Size 40 gallon
Model Aqueon
Color black
2019 40 gallon Aqueon
2019 40 gallon Aqueon
History Just got this tank 7/13/2019. Plants came from a 30 gallon that had a non-leaking crack in it. Couldn't say I trusted the crack not to leak for much longer and when the petco tank sale came around upgraded to a 40 breeder.
Tank Description
My planted betta tank.

Filters: Cascade 1000 canister filter

CO2: Injected by 5lb canister with a green leaf aquarium regulator. Bubble per minute it set to high.

Heater: Aqueon 300 watt heater

Aqueon Modular LED Light Fixture with 2 LED Color Max lamps and one LED Daylight lamp.
Fluval Fresh & Plant 2.0 Full Spectrum Performance LED Fixture

Large driftwood branch
Drift wood cave
wood scraps
2 aquarium safe rocks
1 aqueon led treasure chest

2019 40 gallon Aqueon Inhabitants 2019 40 gallon Aqueon Inhabitants
1 male blue veil tail Betta (Blue)
9 ember Tetras
6 Bronze cory cats
5 oto
2 platy
2 Rosy barbs? (I can't find the species again or I'd get more. The rosy I do find are super small compared to this duo)
3 mystery snails
7 glofish yellow zebra danio

Plants and Coral
Plants in tank:
Java fern, Amazon sword, Anubias nana, crypt wendtii, Anacharis, Bacopa monnieri, random sword I got from a plant swamp.

Custom house blend for all species mixture of flakes, shrimp pellets, small fish pellets and betta pellets.
2 algae wafers added to the tank once a day as well
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