Tormento's Kingdom
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Aquarium Name Tormento's Kingdom
Year 2018
Tank Size 10-Gallon
2018 10-Gallon  2018 10-Gallon
Tank Description
10-Gal Halfmoon all glass tank fairly planted community aquarium.

Marineland Halfmoon all glass rimless tank.
Set over an antique mahogany round table with marble top.
National Geographic Aquarium Sand Black 15 lb.
Clear Acrylic Lid.
Top Fin Silentstream 30 Adjustable Flow HOB Filter.
Fluval AquaClear 30 Ajustable Flow HOB Filter.
Marineland Advanced LED Lamp with White and Blue Leds and Integrated Automatic Timer.

Enlarged cut-out on the lid to accommodate filters.

Tormento a violet and black Crown Tail Male Betta.
1 Otocinclus
2 Neon Tetras
3 Ghost Shrimps
6 Amano Shrimps

Plants and Coral
1 Large Amazon Swordplant
8 Blyxa japonica
1 Large Java Fern
1 Anubias barteri nana

A very nice root driftwood with the Anubias and the Fern attached to it.
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