Betta Tank
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Aquarium Name Betta Tank
Year 2019
Tank Size 19 Liters
2019 19 Liters
2019 19 Liters
History Aquarium purchased in January 2019
Transferred hardscape, plants, media sponge, ceramic rings and substrate from older established 2015 Spec V to the new generation Spec V ^_^
Tank Description
Glass tank
Air stone at night
BioMax bags and foam filter sponge
Filter floss/ poly foam pad
Black Seiryu stones
Cattapa leaves
Live plants
No activated carbon

Fluval Plant Bluetooth Nano LED Aquarium Light (15 Watt)
HITOP HP-608 Submersible 50-watt heater purchased from Amazon

Intank Fluval Spec V Surface Skimmer
Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum substrate
Media bag mesh wrapped over water output nozzle
Vital Root tab(s) by H2O Plants

Black Orchid HM Betta whose name is Onyx.
He's from Petco. I've had him since mid-November 2018.

Plants and Coral
2019 19 Liters  Plants and Coral 2019 19 Liters  Plants and Coral
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