Betta Tank
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Aquarium Name Betta Tank
Year 2019
Tank Size 19 Liters
2019 19 Liters
2019 19 Liters  2019 19 Liters
History • Aquarium purchased in January 2019
• Transferred hardscape, plants, media sponge, ceramic rings and substrate from older established 2015 Spec V to the new generation Spec V ^_^
Tank Description
• Low-tech
• Glass tank
• Air stone at night
• BioMax bags and foam filter sponge
• Filter floss/ poly foam pad
• Black Seiryu stones
• Cattapa leaves
• Live plants
• No activated carbon

• Fluval Plant Bluetooth Nano LED Aquarium Light (15 Watt)
• HITOP HP-608 Submersible 50-watt heater purchased from Amazon

• Intank Fluval Spec V Surface Skimmer
• Fluval Plant and Shrimp Stratum substrate
• Media bag mesh wrapped over water output nozzle
• Vital Root tab(s) by H2O Plants

Black Orchid HM Betta whose name is Onyx.
He's from Petco. I've had him since mid-November 2018.

Plants and Coral
2019 19 Liters  Plants and Coral 2019 19 Liters  Plants and Coral 2019 19 Liters  Plants and Coral
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