Felix's Tank
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Aquarium Name Felix's Tank
Year 2019
Tank Size 10g
2019 10g
2019 10g
History 3g Kritter Keeper purchased 1/19
Switched for 5g 5/19
Upgraded to 10g 6/19
Aquatop 10-25 Filter
Aqueon Pro 100W Heater
Digital thermometer
AquaNeat 20" LED light

2019 10g  Inhabitants 2019 10g  Inhabitants 2019 10g  Inhabitants
Felix, male VT betta (LFS purchase)
False Julii Cory Catfish x3
Trumpet Snails
"Hitchhiker" Pond Snails

Plants and Coral
Anubias Nana x6
Java Fern x6
Anacharis (bunch)
Compacta Amazon Sword

Mopani Driftwood x2
Sand Substrate
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