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Aquarium Name 5 Gallon
Year 2019
Tank Size 5.5 US Gallons
Model Aqueon Glass
Color Black
2019 5.5 US Gallons Aqueon Glass
History 05/24/19 - Tank was originally set up.

05/25/19 - Betta added.

05/28/19 - Sword plant added.
05/29/19 - Moss balls added.

06/03/19 - Moss balls removed.
06/29/19 - Frogbit plants added.
Tank Description
Feeding Schedule

Day 1: Pellets (Omega One)
Day 2: Flakes (Omega One)
Day 3: Bloodworms
Day 4: Pellets (New Life Spectrum)
Day 5: Flakes (Spirulina 10)
Day 6: Brine Shrimp
Day 7: Fast

I feed two to three times daily, once in the morning and once at night

Waterchange Schedule

Week 1: 25% water change
Week 2: 50% water change w/ gravel vacuum
Week 3: 25% water change

I age the tap water 24 hours before the water change
and treat with prime prior to adding into the tank.

Filter: Aqueon Internal E10
Heater: Hydor 25W
Light: Finnex Stingray 12-Inch

HMDT Male Cobalt Multicolor Betta

Plants and Coral
2019 5.5 US Gallons Aqueon Glass Plants and Coral
I have a couple very soft silk plants in the tank right now, and I recently got a sword plant to put in there well.

I potted the sword in a small terra cotta pot with MiracleGro Nature's Care soil, capped with gravel.
I also have frogbit plants floating on the surface of the water.

Mopani driftwood and a few locally sourced rocks.
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