Fuoco's Mansion
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Aquarium Name Fuoco's Mansion
Year 2019
Tank Size 12 gallons
Color clear, black rims
2019 12 gallons
History I had this tank for a long while. Longer than I can remember. But never actually kept any fish in it. Was given to my parents from some friend.
Tank Description
2019 12 gallons  Tank Description 2019 12 gallons  Tank Description
about 10 gallons. The dimensions are slightly bigger than just a 10 gallon, so it's around 10.5 gallons. No lid, but the top is covered with thing mesh. Net like, so the air can still go through.

Tetra whisper filter for 10 gallon, gravel substrate (just enough to cover the bottom of the tank), a sinking log (it's also like a cave), small cave, some silk plants, betta leaf bed, one moss ball, a heater, and a glass thermometer.

2019 12 gallons  Inhabitants
veiltail betta

Plants and Coral
marimo moss ball

2019 12 gallons  Ornaments 2019 12 gallons  Ornaments
silk plants (4) 3 tall ones, 1 small one

cave like log, one small cave

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