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Conversation Between ANHEL123 and Karebear13
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  1. ANHEL123
    06-20-2016 10:06 AM - permalink
    Hey how are you ? Remember me we spoke long long time ago. I still have one betta at home and 2 at work I am not here any more because i cam advocating dogs on facebook . The betta fish forum change their design drives me crazy i can' even find our conversations from before .I remember you have dogs too. Do you have people that you know in your state who would foster or adopt? I have rescue people almost in every state who needs help with rescue. Hey do you still have betta just curious Hope all ok Have no idea why i thought about you :)
  2. ANHEL123
    07-10-2014 12:42 PM - permalink
    Hey hey so glad to hear from you!!! I am very much involve on fb with dogs now so unfortunately don't log in here Miss this site so much, makes me sad that i just don't have enough time to be here. I am so glad you got another betta! I still have mine too and i guess will always have a betta in my house And i have at work. Btw i am so upset with Tia from Pit - bulls and parolees I went on her blog and so many people asking so many questions and there is no reply what so ever .I literally went thought all posts and replied Hmm do you know if she still even exist , and has that shelter. I did send her e mail and no response I send one today again Make me sad and mad Thank you! So glad to hear from you. Its like we are old friends:)
  3. Karebear13
    07-01-2014 08:27 PM - permalink
    Hey! I got a new guy awhile back and he is still doing well! I'm gonna hold up on any more for now until I get my own place
  4. ANHEL123
    06-24-2014 12:18 AM - permalink
    Karen i am so sorry for Benz:( I think he was a very happy betta with mom like you. Are you going to buy another betta? Give us a new guy and of course pictures!
  5. Karebear13
    06-21-2014 02:20 PM - permalink
    Hey! I lost my sweet Benz yesterday :(
  6. Karebear13
    01-27-2014 01:59 AM - permalink
    Hi ANHEL! I have been gone way too long! Happy Late New Year to you! :) I got a new betta today I will post pics tomorrow and everyone is doing good and still alive thankfully! How about yours?
  7. ANHEL123
    01-06-2014 02:12 PM - permalink
    Hey Karebear how are you? I want to wish you Happy Healthy New Year!!! How are all your pets doing? Do you still have a betta too? Say hello some time:)
  8. Karebear13
    08-17-2012 04:02 PM - permalink
    I have never had an aggression problem before. All my dogs are very friendly towards other dogs. We just got the new puppy in the avatar in December and she gets along with my other two dogs very well. Sometimes its better when you have a younger dog with an older dog but younger dogs like to have someone to play with. My friend has the sister of the poodle so she always brings her over to play its very cute
  9. ANHEL123
    08-17-2012 02:03 PM - permalink
    omg hahaha you have a lot of pets. You probably very nice person,with a big heart and very big house lol
    Only one thing worrys me though. My dream is to have another dog. But i heard many stories when you have more then one they can get aggressive to each other. But i think if one dog is big and another one a lot of smaller then it should be fine. Don't know yet. If i ever be able to adopt another one i will diffidently have to introduce them first and see reaction. It like we want to save them all :(
    Just want to tell you thank you for saving those animals. I hope you don't have aggression problem though.
    One of the dog which is in your avatar - you guys very cute!!!
  10. Karebear13
    08-17-2012 03:40 AM - permalink
    haha aww yeah pets are just so joyful and make you happy. I have three dogs, two cats, a bird, two bettas, three koi, a turtle, and I just got an axolotl. they are a handful but cute... all our dogs are rescues too so sometimes they are a bit aggressive but most of the time very friendly and one is a puppy so she loves other dogs
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