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  1. LittleBettaFish
    07-31-2011 07:20 AM - permalink
    Hey Hallyx.

    I'm not sure which of mine have been wild caught vs tank raised as I purchased all of mine through either my LFS or the Australian transhipper. I'm pretty sure a few of them were wild caught and imported in though.

    Mine do seem to prefer a biotope style tank, and this is where you will find they colour up best in. None of my tanks are planted except for some riccia floating at the top of my albi tank. Instead I use pieces of wood and leaf litter to create hiding places for each fish.

    Activity depends on the individual fish. My rutilans and coccina will nearly tear your arm off at feeding time, whereas my albis are much more subdued and will only eat certain foods. I have an uberis I never see even though I do my best to get it accustomed to me eg. handfeeding and have owned it for nearly two months now.

    My avatar is from a site about biotopes and betta habitats. I just used it because I am a bit of a wild betta aficionado.

  2. Hallyx
    07-31-2011 04:01 AM - permalink
    Hello, LittleBettaFish,

    I see by your roster that you're fond of wild Bettas. I think wild imbellis and Albimarginatus are particularly beautiful, as well as Macrostoma.

    May I ask: are yours wild-caught or tank-raised? Do they require exacting water params? Do they need well-planted and equipped tanks?

    If they are as active and behaviorally interesting as they are beautiful, I'd like to consider getting one.

    BTW, your avatar is really intriguing. Is that one of your tanks?

    Thanks for allowing me to PM.

  3. LittleBettaFish
    02-04-2011 05:38 PM - permalink
    Hi, we asked at the LFS near us when we thought it was gill flukes. The man told us to put in a 1/4 cup of aquarium salt per 5 litres of water (don't know how many gallons that converts to). He said to do it for 8-10 minutes, once a day for three days. If that didn't work he was going to look at a gill scraping for us.

    It seemed like a lot of salt to me when we did it, but by day two he had stopped breathing so heavily and is now completely back to normal.

    Before I did a bath though, I would look at things like a possible build-up in ammonia and nitrite etc. and just generally check that all your water levels are stable and where they should be.

    Hoping he gets bett(a) soon!
  4. LuvMyBettas12
    02-04-2011 04:17 PM - permalink
    Hi Little Betta, I'm replying to your post in "My bettas gasping for air, help" thread.

    I was wondering what "salt bath treatment" you did to help your betta get better?? Mine just started hanging around the top of his tank and 'gasping' this morning, and he has been that way all day.

    I'm really worried and I just want him to get better! Thank you for any suggestions/help :0)

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