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  1. tiffanylucky
    11-18-2015 04:16 PM - permalink
    Sorry for the late reply. My dogs are doing great and Miguel's legs are doing outstanding now (his been going on more walks). Miguel is actually napping on my lap as I'm replying to you right now. I've been doing ok, I've been really stressed this week. But, I found a food truck outside at college today and had a yummy lunch witch cheered me up. How has your week been so far?
  2. MarbleBob
    11-11-2015 01:22 AM - permalink
    I guess it depends on why the person was pulled over, if they're having a bad day, if they think everyone's out to get them, the attitude of the officer...and some people just don't like cops. How are the dogs doing? Are Miguel's legs still doing better? I hope so, it's so hard to see them get older. Thanks for your patience with my slow replies, you can probably figure out from the length of my replies why I take long doing anything involving writing - lol. How are you doing? I've started a new exercise program and it's really knocking me out (I've been a dedicated couch potato for a long time), so I haven't been keeping up with the people I always like to talk to. Hopefully when I get my personal schedule organized I'll be able to catch up with everyone and not miss any news. Take care.
  3. tiffanylucky
    11-10-2015 10:11 AM - permalink
    Ha please do not worry about it, I loved reading that. Also yes, I understand everything. Please don't be so hard on yourself over something as silly as how long it toke to reply to me, I can relate to you with being busy.

    Yeah I've only been pulled over once for not stopping at a stop sign, I toke full responsabilitty paying almost $300.00 for the ticket. Around two months ago, I had to pull over on the side of the highway because one of my front tires deflated and was smoking. A nice dectective pulled over to help me call a tow truck, I couldn't stop thanking him.
  4. MarbleBob
    10-31-2015 08:47 PM - permalink
    My reply to your last message was too long for one space, so I split it up. The next comment is actually the last, it's actually 3 messages long, so the first reply you read (under this) is actually the last of the message). Go down 3 replies and you should get to the first part where I explain....I hope it's coherent, if it doesn't make sense, let me know and i'll try to explain .
  5. MarbleBob
    10-31-2015 08:44 PM - permalink
    page LAST
    and that they've been in Virginia for almost the whole time, which is a long way from IL where we live, and her family also, but...all part of boys becoming men, like girls become women). Take care, hon, and I'll try not to disappear again because I enjoy talking to you. Sorry I've taken so long to answer you, and I hope you don't give up on me to talk to. I really enjoy talking to you, but I'm really bad at replies at best, and after the last couple of weeks...and sorry this is so confusing and long and split into chapters....I do get wordy, but I really outdid myself this time. Take care, hon - say HI to Miguel and everyone else :D
  6. MarbleBob
    10-31-2015 08:39 PM - permalink
    pg 3 of ?
    and the cop asked me what kind of example I was setting for my boys? I had a hard time not crying, he was so right, and I accepted the ticket and thanked the cop for keeping me from killing someone else or my own kids. I don't know if he expected a b*tchy reaction, but he seemed sort of surprised, especially when I asked him if he could explain to my boys what their mom was doing wrong and what could have happened, which he did.

    We also got some help from a state trooper on a highway for another situation when the boys were in the car again, and I'll be forever grateful to that trooper. I wrote a letter to his commander, he was just the best.

    Anyway, sorry for talking so much. I actually haven't been on the computer for over a week, and I'm still catching up with the people I talk to. (And you should see my son in his dress whites! And he's got the most fantastic wife ever, the only bad things are the deployment
  7. MarbleBob
    10-31-2015 08:35 PM - permalink
    pg 2 of ?
    Yep, my son's working on his fourth year in the Navy. Only bad thing is he might be deployed, and of course he can't say where or when, all he could say was might be some place Middle Eastern with desert...of course he'll be on an aircraft carrier, not on land, but....just mom's exaggerated worry. I love it that you respect the police enough to buy a police officer a cookie, and I bet that's the best time of the day for them, to know they're appreciated. I try to do the same thing as often as I can. I've never had a bad run-in with the police, a couple of speeding tickets, but that would be enough to make some people hate them. I think the cops that stopped me were surprised - I'm usually pretty passive anyway, but I knew I was speeding and I wasn't going to fight with the man - he was just doing what we pay him to do! Plus one time I had my 3 boys in the car (when they were young).
  8. MarbleBob
    10-31-2015 08:32 PM - permalink
    Tiffanylucky, I went waaaay past the 1000 character limit, so I'm breaking this up into "chapters" - this is the first, the part above is the next, in other words, the whole sequence will be backwards. Not sure how many chapters there will be once I break this up and post it, but I'll try to help by numbering the pages at the top, if that makes sense ). I'm so sorry for being out of touch. Family stuff, everyone knows how that goes I think. So glad to hear that Miguel's legs are improving, and I know what you mean with the little chi's getting cold - my son has a whole wardrobe for each of his chi's, sweaters, raincoats, and for today - Halloween costumes . The only thing he can't get his pups used to is rainboots, but I know they get really cold, they're so small and their coats are so short and silky, not that goose-down type undercoat our Lab had (which of course ended up all over the house).
  9. tiffanylucky
    10-20-2015 11:42 AM - permalink
    Miguel's legs are getting better, he didn't need to get carried at all during our walk a few days ago. Both chihuahuas have to wear sweaters during walks because it's starting to get cold outside and both chihuahuas have short hair.

    Wow your son is in the Navy? That's awesome. I always enjoy going out of my way to be nice to people who fight for our safety. For example, I sometimes buy one cookie from Starbucks on my way to college to give to a police officer.
  10. MarbleBob
    10-17-2015 09:06 PM - permalink
    I don't think I answered your last message. One of my sons has two chihuahuas - they're just some of my grandpups and grandkitties. Those puppy mills are so disgusting and abusive. I've owned two "mill" Shelties, both of them had to be put down for genetic issues they might not have had if they were bred more carefully. I'm so sorry about Miguel's legs, it's so hard to watch our pups get older. I think my middle son in the Navy has an American Eskimo, not sure, I'll have to ask him. I've heard that they're wonderful dogs though. You're truly a giving person, to help so many of our four legged and finny friends.

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