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  1. qtbunny
    02-17-2016 11:57 AM - permalink
    I also have a top view of him in the album, you can see one has has protruded a lot. His left eye has popeye and the right is the one with cataracts. You could be right, he may not have either, but I am positive about popeye as it was never that swollen.
  2. qtbunny
    02-17-2016 11:52 AM - permalink
    I have the Tetra Easy Strips Kit. Nitrate: Safe (Number is 20). Nitrite: Safe (Number is 0) He has cataracts on one eye and popeye on the other, I will see if I can take pictures today. I will also take a picture of the diagram and put it in my album of Sulo. I don't have the strip anymore, even if I did have it, the colors would change as it dries
  3. Olivia27
    02-16-2016 06:19 PM - permalink
    What sort of test kit is that? "Safe" is not a result. We can't pull a conclusion from "safe". We need numbers. Exact numbers. Don't worry about pH. My water is 8.2 and it doesn't affect any of my gang. Unfortunately thise symptoms are super general. Can't really diagnose with just that. Cataracts is a very different thing than pop eye, and both should have different appearance. None looks like the other. I think I remember seeing a pic of Sulo. If I remember correctly, his eyes are opaque - covered with a membrane the same color as the rest of his body. Is that what he has? If yes, I seriously doubt he has either cataracts or pop eye. He probably has diamond eye, which can be cured by dropping banana leaves into the water
  4. qtbunny
    02-16-2016 05:43 PM - permalink
    I found the testing kit!
    Nitrate: Safe
    Nitrite: Safe
    Hardness: Hard (Once I can get more Rooibos, I am going to add them to the tank as I noticed they lowered the hardness of the water in Red and Cas's tank)
    Total Alkalinity: Ideal
    pH - Freshwater: Alkaline (from what I can tell, it seems to be very high)

    I have always had trouble with pH
  5. qtbunny
    02-16-2016 05:32 PM - permalink
    Other symptoms that I have found online that match Sulo are, a humped back, cataracts, lost enthusiasm to flare, will hide in plants and behind rocks (Sulo just sits around, a lot of the time in his plant), not as enthusiastic about food, and it takes them a while to find it. Part of his problem is him being blind.
    Not sure what the pH is, I can't find my testing kit D: If I find it, I will test and let you know.
    My mom bought this for Sulo, and it should be coming in soon. N&psc=1&ref_=wl_it_dp_o_pC_nS_ttl[/url]
  6. Olivia27
    02-07-2016 07:04 PM - permalink
    Oh gee.

    What's your pH? T.C is less effective in higher pH so... Keep going?

    I forgot what his other symptoms are except for the frayed fins TBH. Do you have a question thread?
  7. qtbunny
    02-07-2016 06:37 PM - permalink
    The medication for Sulo didn't work :( What do I do? after a few people telling me that all of his "old age" symptoms could be symptoms of other diseases, I am getting anxious. I can't tell if he is sick besides his eye.
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