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  1. laughing
    10-22-2011 11:48 PM - permalink
    Not a single wrinkle on her! She looks full Basset, too. Molly isn't alone!!
  2. vaygirl
    10-22-2011 01:14 AM - permalink
    Oh, she's adorable! <3 She's brindled! How cute! She does have Molly's face structure.
  3. laughing
    10-21-2011 10:57 PM - permalink

    There she is, as promised! Sorry it's kind of a bad picture.. she doesn't hang around on the side I ride at so much. It's really hot here, too, so she hides out under the trucks. As you can see... no wrinkles! And very gorgeously cute. Once it gets cooler and she is out a bit more I'll show you a picture of her standing. I love this little gal! One of my favorites out of the barn dogs!
  4. laughing
    09-05-2011 12:14 PM - permalink
    She's full brindle and is just soo sweet you'll love her!(:
  5. vaygirl
    09-05-2011 03:36 AM - permalink
    Yes! Do it! I love bassies!
  6. laughing
    09-04-2011 11:33 PM - permalink
    Friday I was at my barn, and finally saw this one barn dog up close.. Basset Hound, NO WRINKLES! I instantly thought of your Molly! This girl was brindle, though. I'll have to snap a picture next time I see her!
  7. laughing
    08-20-2011 09:18 PM - permalink
    No internet! Been super busy as well. Life is catching up to me!

    I can understand your hubby, it's a shame that one dog can ruin the whole breed, though, isn't it?

    It's funny how some dogs just have that inclination. There's a guy who said he had 2 pits and a Toy Poodle, and the Poodle was the better watch/guard dog!! LOL!
  8. vaygirl
    08-20-2011 03:41 PM - permalink
    Where have you been? :P

    I was never afraid of a Rottweiler. My husband is because he had neighbors who used to let theirs get out all the time and they jumped his fence and killed one of his ducks. He and his lil terrier ran them off but he's had a thing about them ever since.

    I would have never pegged Molly as a guard dog but if ANYONE approaches our back sliding door, she flips out. Even if she's seen the person 10 minutes ago. We had Terminex here two weeks ago and she met him outside and was all.. I LOVE YOU! Rub my belly! And then he came to the back to spray around the door and she was barking, lunging and growling. LOL. I said, you MET him! But I let her do it. It's the only time she's ever like that. Cats, deer, and raccoons are included in the "You cannot enter my yard" law.
  9. laughing
    08-20-2011 02:48 PM - permalink
    Molly sounds too adorable! "Uh, I ain't sniffing nuthin."

    Yes Great Danes are big lovable doofs! They are not protection or guard dogs in any sort of way.. very cheeky, laughable, and humorous!! I just love them :)

    Rottweilers are on the Top 10 most dangerous dog list due to ignorant owners/breeders.. it's quite unfortunate. They are amazing dogs that people have turned sour.
  10. vaygirl
    08-05-2011 08:15 PM - permalink
    I had a neighbor who had a great dane. He was the biggest, doofiest dog I'd ever seen and therefore just totally loveable. I only ever got to see him walking by. I wanted to run out and hug him.

    Why are they strict against Rotties? Is it because they think they're dangerous?

    Molly loves those things. She loves to remove things from places. We also have this set of buckets and a vanilla smelly critter and you put the buckets around and hide the critter under one and she's "supposed" to smell her way to the right one. She's too smart for that. She just tips it over and looks. Worst scent dog ever. :P
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