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Conversation Between finnfinnfriend and Hallyx
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  1. finnfinnfriend
    10-26-2014 01:38 AM - permalink
  2. finnfinnfriend
    10-26-2014 01:24 AM - permalink
    I wish they made micro goldfish takes me over a half an hour just to change the goldfish tank...poor me lol. But that would be pretty awesome if they made a goldfish that could fit in a ten gallon. I miss having my 2.5 set up (well it's a hospital tank at the moment) but that was 5-10 mins for an 80-90% water change...
  3. Hallyx
    10-26-2014 12:33 AM - permalink
    I'm down to only three tanks, 2x5g and a 3g. Two plakats and a wild ocellata. I'm enjoying only 1/2hr a week for water changes.

    If they made micro goldfish I could keep in a 10g, I'd get one too. Congratulations.
  4. finnfinnfriend
    10-25-2014 07:56 PM - permalink
    I have been okay. I finally got a goldfish! I have been wanting one for years... how many tanks/what kind of fish do you have now?
  5. Hallyx
    10-23-2014 02:42 AM - permalink
    Hiya Kate. Haven't seen you around as much lately. But then I haven't been on as much as I used to. Doing OK, I guess. How's by you?
  6. finnfinnfriend
    10-22-2014 04:18 PM - permalink
    Hey Hallyx, how have you been?
  7. finnfinnfriend
    12-30-2013 11:01 PM - permalink
    I have been stressed, but am getting much better. Thanks for asking :). I have been working. I work at a rat rescue and for a while I was working for my brother watching my niece but he lives 2.5 hours away in the mountains so I had to quit and I feel SO much better! I am taking a full load of classes for the first time in a while this spring. Recently decided to go for my associates degree. How about you??
  8. Hallyx
    12-30-2013 10:52 PM - permalink
    Got it.

    So, how've you been, Kate? Was wondering what you were up to.
  9. finnfinnfriend
    12-30-2013 10:05 PM - permalink
    Hey Hallyx, if your not too busy could you check out my question on your sponge filter tutorial thread?
  10. finnfinnfriend
    10-31-2013 01:44 AM - permalink
    Thanks for suggesting safestart...That really did the trick after months of waiting for nothing.
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