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Picture Where The Wild Things Are
This is my 3ft (filled to 100 + liters) planted tank for my betta strohi, which I bought from LittleBettaFish recently.

Pics coming soon. :)
1 08-14-2012 02:34 AM
Picture 10 gallon (39L) NPT
This is my first NPT, and it's been a short, sharp learning curve about how and what to plant. It houses Cole, a midnight blue plakat and many species of plants including milfoil, blyxa, hairgrass, rotala, dwarf baby's tears, banana lily, wisteria, amazon sword, anubias, needle leaf java fern, hygrophilia corymbosa, several varieties of cryptocorynes, bladderwort, a very pretty green lily and a ton of frogbit, hornwort and azolla.

Substrate is aged potting mix capped with river sand. I'm running a sponge filter, and lights are these blue/white globes which came with the tank (I'll be changing them asap). The plants seem to like it, though.

The tank is an awful design, fundamentally flawed in several ways. But it's what I had to work with, and I think it'll turn out quite okay in the end.
9 08-14-2012 02:24 AM
Picture Dymax IQ5 acrylic 3.5 gallon
It's actually more like 3.25.. I'm pretty happy with this tank as a betta environment. There's a few small pitfalls - the sumps at the back are open and bugs fall in (I must net them, or something) and the lid does not allow heaters or filters to go anywhere else. It's a cube that's slightly deeper than tall, which isn't ideal. Benefits are that it's great to look at - no hardware in the tank itself, and it comes as 'kit' with heater, filter, etc. The acrylic makes the tank extremely light to carry when in need of scrubbing. It'd be an ideal shrimp tank, which is what it will be when I finally set up the NPT I'm planning...
5 06-21-2012 07:30 AM
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